Baby being cradled by hands

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the site for my master’s thesis -- Life is a Sexually Transmitted Condition: The Sexuality of Labor and Birth.

We all know that most of the babies in the world have been conceived via human sexuality and sexual reproduction. What has slowly become a bit more recognized in recent years is that pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum bonding, breastfeeding, and even the relationships of parents to their children are parts of the continuum of sexual reproduction. They are all a part of sex.

In 2003 I received my master’s degree from Goddard College (kudos to Goddard College for its innovative and dynamic distance learning programs for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees that welcome independent study from our own home zones). It was originally going to be about the whole continuum from conception through weaning. But that was too big a project. So for my master’s degree I honed in on the period of labor and birth and the ways that they are the same as sex.